Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My mom and her dogs have been staying with our family for the last few weeks. Here are the twin sisters Iris and Jasmine. They are Dogo Argentinos - aren't they the cutest? And there is Lilly the Westie in the background on the chair. She's the boss of everyone, 

And here is photo of our dog Miles, a Catahoula Hound dog. He's one spoiled dog. One of these days I need to make dog soap just for them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Apple Butter Caramel - Oh yeah

Hello all! I wanted to share my Apple Butter Caramel soap with you. This is a goat's milk soap and the scent  has a great balance of caramel and apples. Here it is just poured in mold. I left the bulk of the soap natural and then put a layer of soap lightened with titanium dioxide on the top. Then I drizzled with some remaining natural soap and some colored with a rich cappucino mica. Looks like food doesn't it?

Just out of the mold you can see the natural soap already turning a caramel color - I sure wish it would have stayed that way! 

And here it is four weeks later. It's darkened up quite a bit. I still love the look of it though - a great fall soap. Oh and it still smells amazing!