Saturday, March 22, 2014

More Soap and Bath Bombs

Today I made a cold process soap, Banana Ginger Cookie and some Fresh Cut Rose bath bombs. 
I had some Banana fragrance oil and Hansel & Gretel's House fragrance oil, both from Nature's Garden Candles. I decided to combine them together for this soap. I used poppy seeds in part of the soap and cocoa powder, for color, in the other part. I also topped the soap with some melt and pour curls. 

I also made these delicious bath bombs with dried rose petals and fresh cut rose fragrance. It really does smell exactly like a fresh cut rose.


  1. Beautiful soaps, the soap curls are such a nice touch, but what I really like are the poppy seeds in your soap. Gorgeous bath bombs too! I'd love to have something like that sitting in my bathroom just to look pretty.

  2. love the curls, too:) your home must smell wonderful!

  3. Your banana soap and rose bath bomb both look luscious! :)